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Birkat Kala (Prayer said by a Bride)

Birkat Kala is a special prayer recited by a bride before she is brought to the Chuppah.  The Tambourine Birkat Kala provides beauty, joy of music and the special prayer for the bride .

Available in Ashkenaz or Sefard.


Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK10

Special oil painting of Rimonim on a tambourine.


Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK11

Colorful flowers on a tambourine.

Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK14


Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK12

Red flowers on a tambourine.

 Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK14

Multi colored flowers on a tambourine.


Canvas Birkat Kala     #BK20

Special oil painting of Rimonim on canvas.


Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK13

Purple/Blue flowers on a tambourine.

Tambourine Birkat Kala     #BK15


Engagement Plates   Custom Plates available


Engagement Plate     #EP10

Engagement Plate    #EP14


Engagement Plate    #EP12


Invitations (hand drawn)  Custom Designs available

 Invitation    #INV10