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The Shabbat candles have ushered the holiness of Shabbat into the Jewish home for thousands of years -- ever since the matriarch Sarah illuminated her tent with her Friday night lights.

The primary function of the Shabbat candles is to bring peace and tranquility into the home and to enhance our enjoyment of the Shabbat meal. The candles also serve to remind us of the spiritual dimensions of Shabbat: just as a physical candle reveals the otherwise unseen contents of a room, so, too, in a spiritual sense, the Shabbat candles reveal the unseen and intangible G-dly energy which permeates our existence.

Candle Holders

Red Flower #CH15


Rainbow Flower #CH18

Multi Color Cup #CH30

Candle Sticks #CH50

Rimon Candle Sticks 


 Shabbat Brachot 


Orange Flower #CH17

Green Cup #CH32 

 Violet Cup #CH34


Candle Sticks #CH52


Multi-Color 6 Cup #CH60